Superchips TrailDash 2 Programmer 42050 42051

Hi, I’m Rick pay way I’m the editor of JP magazine I’m here with Kristian hazel editor of Peterson’s four-wheelin offroad magazine And we’re here to take our 2007 JK and build it up in one week on week 2 wheeling and to do that we have the in – in cabin controller from Superchips tell us about it. Well Rick here. We’ve got the superchips trail – – in cab controller. It’s All in one unit it does pretty much anything you would want to do with your vehicle from adding extra performance Increasing your mileage monitoring your off-road functions and features controlling accessories you plug into your obd2 port here connect it to the td2 and Anything your computer is monitoring you have access to you get full control ability over your vehicle right right because as you know everything is controlled by the computer such as Throttle tip in and everything else whereas this gives you the opportunity to set those parameters you can get in there And you can do a performance tune for 87 89 91 93 octane right so I can use different gas And it’ll actually adjust the spark – yep Or if you want, you can install the mileage tune and really increase your mileage get the max out of that thing It’s it’s able to give you But there’s also an off-road tune where you can adjust your your throttle tip in your throttle sensitivity So you get more control than off-road in low range and at the same time you can also monitor yours your speed your your engine temperature transmission temperature Anything that the computer is? Monitoring on your vehicle will come up through this if you set it up that way that’s right You can adjust the what gauges you’re seeing the color. Yeah, I mean you name it It’s it’s really user friendly and what if we put on larger tires and different axle ratios you can adjust for that Mm. Yep tire diameter from 26 to 42 inch is covered in this different axle gears different transfer case Systems I mean if you if you’ve gone to a low range T case you’re sitting there You can let your computer know by it so it doesn’t freak out and Light up your – like a Christmas tree well one of the other cool things is the fact that you can put cameras on this Yes, you can you can Superchips as it’s expandable accessory system Where you can you can just tap into this run your trail camera up front from underneath your backup camera And it’ll display right there on the on the super So you can tell what your suspension is doing your drive shafts pop rock? Yeah, yep absolutely Or if you back up over your cooler yep, but you can install a whole host of stuff in fact There’s so much on here. It’d be a full infomercial if we wanted to tell you all about it, but for what it is It’s the trail – – in cabin controller from superchips, and if you want to know more about it go to superchips calm You

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