Talking Ben – The Cool Side of Computer Science #CSforAll

Talking Ben – The Cool Side of Computer Science #CSforAll

Yes, I’m a tech genius! Meet Talking Ben. My business associate, best friend and…
psst… a genius. Hey, Ben! Now, while some people might think he’s nothing but a crazy science geek, that’s only because they don’t understand how technology works. Take your screen, for example. What is painting the letters and pictures
you’re seeing? Who’s turning those colourful dots on and
off? I have no idea. Do you? Well, Ben does. To create something new takes imagination – and that’s my speciality, but unfortunately that’s not enough. You have to know how to do it. And that’s where science – and Ben – comes in. Science is all about asking questions, experimenting,
trying… and failing… and then finally – – figuring it out! There are just so many things to discover
in the world. Different sciences are cracking countless
problems and inventing all kinds of bold solutions. There’s one kind of science you probably
know really well – it’s called computer science. It’s basically math done by machines. And it’s what makes it possible to use your
computer and phone every day, and even watch this video. Is that cool or what? Just think how many wonderful things computer
science has made possible and how many more things will be created in the future! Sooo many it’s even hard to imagine. Do you want a robot that will cook you dinner? Want to play the best video-games ever? Or navigate a spaceship to another planet? Well, guys, that’s all computer science. And that’s what Ben does best! So watch this space! Because while I understand a teeny tiny bit
of science, Ben knows loads. And together we can make crazy cool things
happen. And that, in a nutshell, is computer science
– the coolest and the most exciting thing on earth!

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  1. I want to pursue Computer Science and getting into Network Security, protecting the info of people all over the world from hackers who try to get into their personal info on e-mail sites and more. So thanks, Talking Ben, for fermenting my resolve, and reminding me how exciting the world of Computer Science can be!

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