The Learn Programming Channel With Tim Buchalka

The Learn Programming Channel With Tim Buchalka

Hello! Welcome to the Learn Programming
Channel. This channel as the name suggests is all about programming,
specifically how to do it if you’re starting out for the first time with no
experience, there’s videos there showing you how to do it. But if you’re also a more
seasoned developer, there’s videos to show you how to transition to another
programming language as well. In addition to the tutorials I also do videos
relating to some of the key things that programmers have to work through and
overcome, frustration being one big thing motivation and well rather, staying
motivated and other things along those lines, related things like
interview techniques, interview questions and things of that nature. And to that end, if there’s anything that you’d like to see me cover in a future video please
leave a comment on one of my videos and I’ll do my best to cover that in a
future video. With my credentials briefly, I’ve been a software developer for well
over 35 years now and taught well over 400,000, I think it’s close to
450,000 people now how to program computers. So I think I know a little bit
about what I’m talking about and you can find out more details about the various
courses that I offer by clicking on the link to the Learn Programming Academy
which is my website. You can find details of all my courses. But enough of that for
now again this channel is all about programming check out the videos if
you’ve got any questions feel free to contact me and hit me up cheers for now.

12 thoughts on “The Learn Programming Channel With Tim Buchalka”

  1. Hey Tim, I want you to make tutorials on how to create bots with Microsoft Azure bot services and with dialog flow of Google, because you are such a great teacher, I highly believe you will explain these topics in a very good way. Keep it up👍

  2. I know front end development involves among others… HTML, CCS, JAVASCRIPT etc… and back end development involves among others… PHP, RUBY, PYTHON etc…

    My question is where does JAVA, KOTLIN, GOLAND, C#, C++ etc…fit?

    What/where does an API, SDK, IDE etc… also fit in all of this?

    I'm interested in gaming so can a "gaming" language be used on the front end and back end?

    can you give me a "roadmap" or analogy of all the above, about what does what and what goes where?

    Thank you.

  3. How do I send you a picture of a section of code that I may ask another question about. It is about syntax and spacing. I believe alot of students would ask the same question if they knew how to ask it.

  4. The Learn Programming Channel

    If you've got any questions or any topic that you would want me to discuss in an upcoming video, feel free to leave a comment below. See you all soon!

  5. Hey Tim…
    I hope you are doing well as always.
    I took your Java and Android(with java) course.
    In addition, I'm about to complete the java course. Thanks for updating it also all examples are great and well designed.
    I want to request you if it's possible then can you create a new course where we can actually, put our knowledge together(Whatever we learnt so far in the course) & create a real-world application or a project so that will help us to understand how things actually work because you always follow best practices so it's gonna help us a lot.
    & it's quite obvious that it will rock the udemy as your other course.

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