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we will protest until we get back our job we will protest until we get back our job what the heck ? we layed off in whole world only this people are protesting this is Tamilnadu Tamilnadu Protesting Country hey narayanamurthi hey azimpremji hey rajesh gopinath why no one is scolding me? they are like this only they scold everyone who are least responsible corporate scums this is the time i perform ctrl alt del for all of you what the heck did we do ? For 15 years, sucked our blood and sweat if u ask us to quit where do we go? don’t you people know anything other than engineering.?? yeah, we get that trained for it in our school itself you learn something and then get a job we study only to get a job F**k, you call 15 years of experience as ripe fruit do we look like prostitute? so you can fuck, pay and leave! what is that automation instrumentation? yeah, that artificial insemination (artificial intelligence) does your computer do all what we do? I’ll give alt + tab and change porn screen when manager comes.. will your computer do that? can you? can your PC blow fake compliments to the manager like i do? you are asking me why am not updated? then orkut now facebook then youtube now vimeo then desibaba now we have come till pornhub they can really update right..? they will not do, sir they wont learn hindi, wont get aadhar card last week they were asked to update to NEET syllabus they din’t.. either ..too much of head weight they got move move bro let the white guy talk i was happy eating parotta kurma in my village.. you made me go to subway for that single bun, you made me wait for an hour you just cant get away with this in the appraisal discussion.. your manger sounds like a dog peeing on a stick mat.. He gives an hike as small as
a baby pee.. we with stood by all that till now.. where the hell are you? yes where the fuck are you… bro good proverb .. what’s ur name? farroq faroooooooq leave this scum .. I am calling the HR.. Human Resource, my foot come right here hey hi.. you called? yo, how are you here? they sent me too bro.. you too … we protest! we protest Just cos you guys told, we watched interstellar at sathyam theater where no one laughs. and we still clapped with out understanding yeah bro i dint understand too some nolan interstellar they are just fucking with our mind.. a book falls in library and his dad is talking from other dimension itseems what the f**k are they telling to support our protest he sang a rap song and made us viral… here he is the great rapper rappotter the legend will sing a song for us put a line, there is a bull under the fan.. shut the fuck up dont moan, sing along baby shut the fuck up dont moan
shut the fuck up dont moan sir, yes sir.. me ? no sir.. sir never me sir, now watch me sir.. i dont have any connection with these people these are done by some anti social elements.. dont consider this as a protest go home
one last thing guys, orange is the new black! i din’t call, who was that ? that?? that is bigger than all of you.. who is that?? mithrooooooon sir nothing sir we were just gazing cow is a domestic animal.. who is gonna pay the netflix subscription now ??
i dono climax for four series.. stress relief.. i was cuttting my hair for 90 rupees now i spend 3000 on saloons cos of you fuckers.. selling my house at my village i got a new one at OMR car parking is 15Lakhs extra toilet 10 Lakhs. who the fuck is gonna pay the EMI now? you fry 2 piece of chicken and blow some sauce over it and you ask me 400 ?? my stomach burning again.. The MNC had us all in lease and they are sending out all of a sudden its because of you TRUMP.. we wont spare you! the reason for all this is the 13 team families illuminati.. they rule us all! i was happily flying kite in vyasarpadi and killing people i would just get the salary in a day if i put a sketch and i would have become gangster instead am here protesting you guys told if i am fair and return from US i’ll get to marry a nice girl..
now am scared if i can ever reproduce.. long live ransomware, longlive wannacry!! neduvasal.. neduvasal.. hey who are you? neduvasal.. neduvasal.. that got over before 3 months.. go away its getting out of hand.. go do something what you are good at why? protest to get our job back i have a job what job? a small camera at whose house should i keep? theatre, footage sir, no no our thalaivar will blast us $10,000 will we get leave for festival? sure your job is only on the day before festival.. long live mosco! why are you like this shave be neat what is this… this? i used it to drain oil from bajji.. nothing else sir, i am not yet married you would have seen varieties from america, russia i haven’t seen anything yet you look so handsome.. you carry on lets lay others off then you shall get laid my sister marriage sir.. this isnt even a problem do what you do the best keep showing your filthy compliments up your manager’s ass you dont have to say anything to me.. i won’t leave them. friends are my life me and russia are friends too.. ask a hundred bucks to ur friend yo give an 100! i have only card.. no cash sorry! job job laid off IT guys a new job opportunity start a lovely meme page..a photo for a day 7 photos a week 30 photos a day! get 5 Lakh likes a month and i get you 4 crores with out a question! meme page admin! meme page admin!! meme page admin!!! meme page admin!!!!

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