Toyota Camry Replacement Remote Programming 2000 2006

Toyota Camry Replacement Remote Programming 2000 2006

Hello, Thank you for watching
video channel. Today we are going to show you how to program
a Toyota remote. This remote is programmed, this other one
isn’t, so we will show you how to do that. It’s a very easy procedure.
You just need to have your ignition key and your new remote and that’s it.
You have to start with the following conditions: The driver’s door has to be opened and unlocked,
the key has to be out of the ignition (let’s do that).
And then you put the key in the ignition and remove the key twice within 5 seconds… 1…2,
Then you have to close and open the door twice…1…2, then you have to put the key in the ignition
and remove, Then you have to close and open the door twice
Then you have to put the key in the ignition, close the door, and turn the ignition from
lock to on and back to lock once (for add mode)
Remove the key… locks and unlocks cycle, which means the vehicle went into programming
mode. And you have to press lock AND unlock buttons
for about 2 seconds, and then press the lock button.
We just programmed the second remote for the vehicle.
Ok, you have to close the door. (*click, *click) That’s the new remote. (*click, *click)
That’s the existing remote, so now we have two remotes working.
So, this procedure allows you to add the remotes, but Toyota is actually very nice because you
can add the remote, then you turn the key in the ignition at some point once, if you
turn the key on and off twice, it’s a rewrite mode, so you cancel all the existing remotes,
and just program a new one. For example: if you lost all the keys it’s
a good idea. And there are two other modes that I am not going to go into detail on because
you mainly use the Add or Rewrite. Again, thank you very much for watching our
instructional video on how to program Toyota remotes.
Those instructions can be used on most of the late model Toyota and also Lexus vehicles.
Thank you very much. Please keep watching our video channel or visit our website at You have a good day.

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  1. If i have a remote that has a lock button, unlock button, and unlock trunk button, can i program all 3 of them? or does this only work for lock/unlock buttons? @carandtruckremotes

  2. Thank you for the post. I appreciate the simplicity, however I still need assistance. I have followed the steps you outline multiple times however the locks on my 2000 Camry never cycle so I am unable to move onto the next step. Any further help would be appreciated.

  3. Thanks. I reached out to Toyota and yes, I have a Dealer installed unit. The additional key fob I purchased was not direct,y from Toyota but is supposed to be compatible thus programmable. Looking forward to any instructions and assistance that you can provide for programming this one.

  4. For my Sportivo. Turn the key from on to lock 3 time pro will come up on the centre display press remote key DONE!!!! Live in Australia if it makes a difference.

  5. Thanks for the link. I followed the instructions there as well….still nothing. Not exactly sure what I'm doing incorrectly. It looks like I may have to go to the dealer to see if the can prg it for me. Thanks again for your help.

  6. hi mate
    may i ask if this method works for camry 2007 as well or?
    is it different to Australian model or its same as us models?

  7. i bough a new battery put it in program it. It didn't work my remote is original use to work before then it stop working untill i bought new battery still not working after program. is in programming mode after i press lock and unlock button then press the lock button don't want to work wondering why.

  8. Hi I appreciate this YOUTUBE instruction unfortunately I tried at least 6 times and was unable to program my keyless replacement remote bought from This happened before on a cheaper remote I bought so I bought a more expensive version still from Amazon. I have a 2005 Toyota Solara, the locks locked and unlocked once the program was open but it kept on locking and unlocking. I kept the buttons down 2 seconds and locked it. Once I went out of the car to try, it wouldn't work. Seems like the remote isn't holding the program have you run into this before and should I be buying the remote from somewhere else.?

  9. LadyFiQueenofBreath

    Love the video, thank you! BUT, it still doesn't work for me. Can you help?
    I have a 2003 Camry SE. Both fobs are original (I assume, I bought the car used, they look original). They stopped working periodically a few months ago. I tried:

    1) Replacing the batteries. Now both are dead as doornails. The batteries are good, I checked them.
    2) Your "add" instructions. Works fine until I get to "hold lock/unlock buttons simultaneously and then press lock button". Nothing happens with that – no door lock movement from the car, and no door lock movement when I push the fob button. I tried several times with both fobs.
    3) Resetting the electrical system by unhooking a battery cable for 20 minutes. Still nothing.
    4) "Rewriting" by turning ignition twice and then pushing lock/unlock simultaneously. Same deal as in the "add" instructions. Nada.

    What next? Buying new fobs and throwing these away? Paying $200+ to the Toyota dealer to take apart my car to reprogram it (that's what they quoted me). Manually locking/unlocking my car is driving me crazy.

    Hoping you can help………….

  10. Hi, all the above steps went well except step 11, after I open the driver's door, the alarm is triggered again.
    I tried both ADD and REWRITE mode in step 7. What could be the reason?
    The car is Camry 2006.


  11. Hi, I live in Australia I have a 2003 Camry with a single button remote
    this wouldn't work for me. What I have done is with the doors closed and
    unlocked the headlights off I cycled the ignition from lock to on 3
    times then PRO was displayed on the central multifunction display, then
    you press the button on all the remotes that you want to be paired with
    the car one at a time until the indicators flash you must have all
    remotes with you as this removes other remotes. Hope this helps with the
    Australian Toyota owners.

  12. I get all the way through to the lock and unlock cycle except when I hold the lock and unlock button and then the lock button to actually program the romte… nothing happens. Like my car doesnt connect with the remotes. I have two remotes. One factory remote then one from amazon. Neither work.

  13. it's confusing about leaving the door open and close twice. but after 2nd try. I got it problem. thanks for your info.

  14. Rigoberto Nicolas

    Thank you I really like how do you explain to program the remote control, the most understand was how do you circle step by step easy to understand. I already program my remote control. Thanks

  15. Hi!
    I have a problem with my 2005 camry. When I push the unlock key it unlock the door, get 2 beeps and a flashing light. But, when I push the lock button I don't get anything except the doors get locked , no beep no flashing light and the headlight don't go off even after I hit it twice. Can someone help me fix this issue i'd appreciate it.

  16. wheni did the last step and hold both lock and unlock for a few seconds and then hold the lock button. nothing happened. Got any ideas why? Camry '05

  17. Seems like right after I got a new battery the keyless entree stopped working. Tried programming and it didn’t work. My trunk button doesn’t work on the inside either. What could be the problem?

  18. The other day, Roxanne finally found her set of keys, including her expensive Toyota keys and remote keychain fob door unlocker — that she’d lost a couple of years ago. I’ve known all this time that they weren’t really “lost,” they just couldn’t be found. One of those things that happens to us all. But still I had to pay for a whole new set of keys, because – well – you gotta have your keys. The Yuletide Irony here is that she found her old set of keys while searching for her new set of keys, which likewise had not been lost, but simply could not be found. She found the old set under the seat of the Toyota, while searching for the new set. I know – women, right?

    So I asked her the other day if she was using her old keychain fob remote door unlocker and she said “No, it doesn’t work.”

    “Can I have it?” I asked, with a facial expression that radiated innocence along with no specific criminal intent. I knew it was the battery, which should be a small matter to remedy.

    “Why? It doesn’t work,” she asked with no small measure of suspicion.

    “Yabut I can fix it.”

    “Then fix it for me!”

    HAHAHA! Did you see that coming?

    “Awright awright awright.” What else could I say?

    So this morning at 4 am I decided to go to Walmart, because every person with sensibilities attuned to actual humanity knows that 4 am is the proper and only time to go to Walmart, especially on Christmas Eve. On a whim, I broke down her keychain fob Toyota remote door unlocker and removed the battery, and when I got to Wally’s, sure enough, I found a replacement. Long story short, I got home and installed the new battery in the fob before the sun had even become a promise. I tested it, holding my breath. When I pressed the various buttons, the proper lights lit on the fob itself — but there was no joy on the other end of the equation. No audible click from the car. No unlocking. No lighting of the headlights. No nothing.

    “Drat!” I exclaimed. That’s not the word I actually used.

    On a whim I decided to check out a hunch via Youtube. Sure enough, I found a single posting about a procedure for marrying the remote clicker to the car, hunching as I did that I may have annulled the previous marriage by removing the battery. For your amusement, here is the procedure, and I swear every word of it is true. Keep in mind that I had no idea if this prescribed procedure would work at all as I was tiptoeing through it, and realizing all the while that the neighbors were probably watching my clown act through slits in their window blinds, with fingers on the 9-1-1 buttons:

    Open the car door, make sure the door is unlocked.

    Insert the key into the ignition and quickly remove it — twice within five seconds. In, out, in, out. Quick as a wink.

    Close the door, open it. Close the door again, open it again. Didn’t see that coming, didja?

    Put the key into the ignition, then remove it.

    Close the door, open it. Close the door again, open it again. Another twofer, and the crowd goes wild!

    Put the key into the ignition, close the door. Turn the ignition from lock to on, then back to lock. We’re whizzing now, remove the key from the ignition!

    On the fob, press the lock button for two seconds. Then press the unlock button for two seconds. Then press the lock button, and…

    “VOILA!” as they say in France.


    I’m thinking I’ll keep the keychain romote. Gonna tell her I lost it.


  19. I am from Aus. I have Toyota camry 2006 altise limited. I had issue when I was trying this method as my car automatically locks my driver's door again and again in every sec if you forcefully hold that unlock nob then only can help you out. Then after I have renoved my battery connection for about 20 mins and it stop auto lock but i can't program my remote can you please help me out. Even though when I put key in the ignition i can't get that beep sound from the car. I have disconnect all horns as it continues alarming when I open the car. Can you please help me out?

  20. It doesn't work on my 2000 Toyota Camry TDS key fob

    Edit: nevermind it doesn't work on aftermarket alarms this one came from Toyota aftermarket factory, returning the remote back..

  21. I want to use my Toyoto Camry Sportivo remote key to program for my Rav4 2005 car, as my Camry is written off. How can I rewrite Camry remote without the car available? Appreciate your help Thanks

  22. Hi, the used 2003 Toyota Camry I bought came with a fob that has 4 buttons: the usual lock and unlock, a panic button and a silence button. If I wanted to replace it with a flip key kind of fob that has 3 buttons (eliminating the silence button), will the same programming steps work? And can I even upgrade to a flip key fob in the first place? Thanks!

  23. My vehicle doesn't go into programming mode when i complete the steps ! It doesnt Lock & Unlock when I pull the key out. Please someone tell me what i might be doing wrong 😭

  24. Perfect! Just fallow the steps and it's done. Got my controller from for my 2005 Camry. Thank you!

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