Tutorial on Standalone SolidWorks Application (API) 2

Tutorial on Standalone SolidWorks Application (API) 2

Hello again I’ve loved trying in my Application I will run it and then I will click on submit button here, you can see the macro tool bar The macro recording capability of solid work will help me to convert Sequence of actions that I’m doing in solid work SolidWorks user interface into SolidWorks API and I will click record Recording then I will open a new part then in the new part of a sketch a rectangle on the front plane I Will just Sketch a rectangular Shape with arbitrary dimensions and also Be like through did 10 millimeter or any any number it can be I have lost my Micro toolbar. I’ll be bringing it I bring it up now again. We go to tools toolbars and We look for Micro toolbar And then obviously when I have it a bit click stop recording and it will prompt me to choose a Folder and put a name for my macro I’ll be put it in my my document and in my my document. I will open I will create a new folder. I will put it there I Will make sure that I will save my macro in c-sharp language And then when the micro is saved I will have the edit button Available, or I will click click on it, and I will choose my micro that I have just saved Now I can see my micro, but That just SolidWorks record for me And I will copy these lines and a bit paste them in visual might be my project in Visual Studio And Here I the thing here is that SolidWorks API is Is recording numbers in Is using unity meter, but I want to use My program in visuals that you are want to be able to input numbers in millimeter So what I will do our first ugly converted to text box Into into I will convert it to dub two numbers two variables two double variables It’s what I’m doing I’m defining X Y Z by variables which are double then I’m putting I’m Converting text boxes not numbers into this double Variables and then As I said these numbers are in I want to use millimeter in my Application, but SolidWorks is working with meter so I have to divide them by 1000 this XY and Z Okay put here X divided by 1000 and this one I mean So this this line is this line is The line that I change the numbers into exam Y is the line that is drawing sketch, and this line is the the line that it is the draw it’s extruding the X sketch so availa try my Application we put 10 for X 24 boy 30 for Z and I will click Submit button it will open SolidWorks, and it will draw a Box in it It dimensions of 10 20 and 30, let’s check it. I will go to evaluate Measure the dimensions of box this is 10 this Is 20 and this is 30 Ok thank you for watching You

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  1. Thank you very very very very much….. So simple but so usefull tutorial. 🙂 Lookin' forward to see new tutorials.

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