User Experience vs API – What Comes First? #softwaretalk

User Experience vs API – What Comes First? #softwaretalk

what’s up y’all this is Hussein Nasser
from IGeometry where we discuss software engineering by example and this
is our software engineering talk where we pick a topic and do we just casually
talk about it right and today’s topic is a user experience versus the API which
comes first right any modern software or application that you design always have
these two pieces somewhere oh I mean somewhere on the other right so must
have these two pieces there’s always a back-end right where the API lives and
there is a front-end consuming that API in some sort whether that user
experience is on a mobile phone or our web right web page website or even Alexa
like a voice-controlled user experience touch augmented reality anything right
the user experience there goes the backend which is like a bunch of API is
that the user experience consumes right usually these are REST API most of the
time okay so start defining those two and then we’ll talk about if you want to
design an application what should you start with if you do start with that
back-end should you start start with that front it right so let’s get to it
so the API what is an API maybe is a set of suspense for application programming
interface where you have a set of methods or our functions or procedures
that you can your application or your consumer can call and get information
out of it and then regardless what the API looks like they be I could be a
c-sharp application with a bunch of interfaces right so you have an
interface right or it could be web based on the HTTP protocol rest
or soap right I made a few videos on rest and soap check out this or here I
don’t know I don’t know but don’t be somewhere here yeah so so the API could
be ridden any any kind of language right and exposing any kind of protocol
starting it back in the seventies where it was just RPC remote RPC a core bond
or that’s kind of things and back until today which is like REST API and even
improving more making it more more flexible using the graph QL model
Facebook that develop like to make API is much much much more flexible so REST
API czar essentially the current modern API architecture where it’s based on the
HTTP model stateless and we made a few videos about stateless versus stateful
what’s the difference or a browser later okay and yeah so it’s based on HTTP
protocol right and their return usually is Jason which the consumer most
consumers know how to understand how to consume right applications right and
then recently it’s being changed to protocol buffer because we realized hey
I ap eyes shouldn’t really need to be
human readable right so I can send things in binary users won’t consume the
API immediately or directly and people will basically write apps or clients
that consume the other side from the equation here is experience the user
experience and the user experience could be as we did discuss right it could be a
simple mobile app with an ios and android blackberry if you’re still using
these things right wait we have microsoft fried tortilla windows
phones now yeah web right website voice-controlled
alexa google home apple or with that thing called on poet world what’s what’s
called a forgot apple code pod no yeah so the user experience is what consumes
this API right not simple and you try to build the user experience in a way that
is so the user can get things done and as few clicks or commands as possible
right so that’s a better user experience right if the user clicks like seven
times to print something right or get something done then it’s not really a
good user experience but it is a user experience regardless or not right it is
a user experience all right so so that’s basically a user experience so now you
have as a program as a software engineer you’re responsible to design both right
some companies you there will be back end design or API designer there will be
user experience I personally think that you have to be both right softer and you
have to be empathetic and have to be thinking about both sides of the coin
here and build applications using both models okay so a few so the question now
after six minutes we get to the question finally what should you start with
should you start with the REST API or the API first when you design your
application or should you start with the maybe the user experience first
so let’s explore both there there are no right or wrong answers guys here so as
always as always like what I call this like straight off yeah straight off yeah
between the two so let’s start what if I designed the API first so let’s take an
example first like guys I think it with an example Nick things become more clear
and let’s start let’s assume on building ah the YouTube piece for viewing a user
videos list of videos right so let’s start with that okay some I will click
the user will click on something and he will be or she will be able to list all
their their videos essentially right and they will be able to scroll and get more
videos whatever so that’s the user experience so that’s a requirement build
a video API so let’s assume we have two database it’s already configured and
maybe not right so so maybe as it that back in designer you are responsible to
do that you are responsible to design the database you are responsible to do
that stuff so if I blindly someone told me that right just videos go ahead right
so if I started with the API first I don’t know I would build it in a very
generic way because I have no idea I have no requirements right I have no
requirements I know that we’re building a video API where it could be like a an
end point where I they use a request slash user slash videos and there must
be some authentication method I’m not gonna worry about that but I will return
essentially all the user video so now the question is okay what should I have
a turn what did it feed you what does it feed you have no clue right this is a
video ID description name title thumbnail obviously they cause you start
thinking right it’s just like you start thinking about the user experience but
not really because you’re worried about how you’re gonna build the tables at the
back end whether you want to use a sequel base database or no sequel base
that is you you worried about all these decisions that you have to mean you
really don’t care right about the user experience right now right and you you
if you work with companies you will see this struggle fight between the back end
guys and the front end guys and people thinking oh we’re the base
right everybody is the best right nobody thinks they’re they’re the best and
essentially but essentially if you stop that you’re gonna build a very generic
API right so I don’t know maybe you’re gonna return everything right what are
you gonna think okay for each and everything are going to select the star
which is very expensive to compute and then all these questions right so you
don’t have much to go with if you start with the video with the API first right
you’re gonna build a very generic way and advantage of that
you’re gonna finish the API first right and you might build it for multiple user
experience okay that’s a good thing gonna finish
fast you’re gonna build it for multiple user experiences okay
and you try to optimize based on that generic approach right say you’ll build
certain indexes but you still don’t know right what the user know so you start to
add more stuff that’s coming to the disadvantage things you start to add
more stuff that you don’t really need or the users might not even need all right
do you return stuff that the user more might not even need okay and or you
might forget things that they use that actually you want so you start building
this API but it’s blind just looks like based on blind faith you go I’m gonna
build this and let’s see what they use a watch right
okay so there are advantages and disadvantage for both right so you’ll
have a bit more freedom right you can optimize right you’re gonna build this
generic zone for more multiple user experiences but at the same time you’ll
have you might run into trouble with once the user experience come to the
place because there’s experience might actually need more stuff so you might
read to redesign things at the future if you start with the user experience then
you’re gonna define that’s my user experience if I click this I’m gonna
show right and you’re gonna see that I’m biased towards the user experience first
very clearly here but but again I’m not posing my my opinion at all guys you can
let me know what do you think that user the comments below but if I you start
with a user experience first then you have the ability to define the
requirements essentially right so I need the video API right I need to click I
need the thumbnail and in the title or the description guess what I actually
need to show write the number of likes here okay and maybe the number of
comments but not necessarily the comments the list of comments of this
video because I don’t really care is II see as a user experience you don’t care
about performance if you think about it well that’s not really true but you care
about the user experience more right versus the API you care about
performance and imposing your queries so is the user better here is the user
experience better right as is the is the user here is that what you call this
like favor you favor the user versus the API oh no
so we’ll think about right so it’s like okay I want the number of comments or
maybe you can’t show that comments for each video is just doesn’t make any
sense right but you started loading all these stuff and the videos and then he
say okay I know number of lights on this I just want as I start loading
I can’t load more than because I have limited memory in mind like whatever
application now this comes like to a niche application my oil is I’m gonna
reserve certain amount of memory and I can’t load more than 30 videos right
like this 30 video is not the actual blob of video are just talking about the
actual description and names and metadata of the videos now ahsoka I want
to just load the 30 videos and as I scroll or I want to query more all right
so that I just defined I want 30 so that’s your pages right so so you just
define paging you based on the user experience right okay not thinking about
performance you think about the mobile device you’re thinking about the coda of
the mobile device you think about the memory of the mobile device all these
things and as you start scrolling you start loading a lista now you take all
this data that you collected that requirement and then you push it to the
back end and say okay guys or even you right you you now design the API says
okay this will this requirements I only need the title and the name and the
description and whatever I need this information I don’t need the rest of
don’t return it don’t don’t suffocate the bandwidth for information that I’m
not gonna use the user experience to begin with her so that’s the advantage
is you will start optimize and make the API efficient for that user experience
here’s the catch though if you made that API custom to this user experience then
my break on other user experiences right so my work for this user experience
which is the phone right but it might break actually in the web or my other
and urban in the desktop user returns it doesn’t work at all
so you might need to tweak the API differently right so you get you gain
and you lose right so which is best right which is best you
start from the API or you starting the user experience right there are
advantages and disadvantages of both and I’m gonna pass the question back to you
guys what do you think if you want to build
an API or you’ve been a build application what do you design first you
design the API first or designer user experience first right
let me know the comment is the comment below and that’s that’s all for us today
and check out the other contents of this channel we discussed software
engineering by example we just got a lot of software stuff in this channel and
I’m gonna see you in the next one guys you stay awesome bye

3 thoughts on “User Experience vs API – What Comes First? #softwaretalk”

  1. I can't Imagine a world without APIs.
    APIs are integral to the way our technologies, society, and culture have evolved, it is the core part of Industry 4.0 and I believe that API-led connectivity is the solution to meeting the increasing demands on IT. The best way to connect everything and make everything smart. However my option depends on the requirement, but I'd mostly vote for a Back-end API for enterprise projects.

  2. Most probably i would start with the api, but i would need a clear definition of the requirements, you know service catalogues, user stories and all these stuff and then i start impelmenting the API, but thinking about frontend during API implementation helps me a lot too, like you said the user would see a list of items and then view full data about an item .. etc, this can easily be interpreted as api services by just THINKING about them, but if u try to do the opposite(starting with front), your ux may enforce the api to handle things in a way that hurts performance and you can't easily visualise how things work in backend the way u could with frontend. another reason is that the api development process will now have a longer life, more testing, u already made all the hard decisions on the architecture, you are less worried now, even when u start with frontend, u can still get back and fix your api if any new ideas have come to ur mind..etc, idk but i think of backend as the most important piece of the system therefore i start with it, afterwards i can start with frontend with peace, and in my free time i would go put some indecies in my database XD

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