What happened to BRB?

What happened to BRB?

7 thoughts on “What happened to BRB?”

  1. Well, I'm definitely from a later wave of onternet users, I never used brb (but also I'm German, so that might play a part in it), but we used to write 'afk' when going offline!

  2. I would LOVE if more people recognised that it's okay to step away from your phone. I've been trying hard with that, lately. Unfortunately, it's something that is really hard for a lot of people. They feel that it's an obligation that they signed up for by getting social media and the truth is that it's not. You have to set boundaries for yourself at the end of the day. Thank you for the lovely video!

  3. Just commenting quickly to say I LOVED Because Internet! And it has totally turned me into an amateur linguist. This is so helpful to me to understand "brb", etc. because I'm slightly too young (early 20s) to have used dial up internet and AIM

  4. my initial internet experiences were primarily through pottemore, which seemed to still hold some of 'old' internet language? i absorbed a little through osmosis but never learnt the full forms of the abbreviations despite using them in context. and so i spent far too much of this video wracking my brain for what g2g actually extends to

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