What is Cloud Vision API?

What is Cloud Vision API?

cloud vision provides powerful image analytics capabilities as easy-to-use api’s enables application developers to build the next generation of application that can see and understand the content within the images the service is built on powerful computer vision models that power several to bring Google services the service enables developers to detect a broad set of entities within an image from everyday objects to faces and product logos the service is so easy to use as one example of the use cases you can’t have any Raspberry Pi robot like gulp I go calling the cloud vision API directly so the bot can send the images taken by its camera to the cloud and can get the analysis result in real time it detects faces in the image along with the associated emotions the cloud vision API is also able to detect entities within the image now let’s see how facial detection works cloud vision detect spaces on the picture and returns the positions of eyes nose and mouth so you can program the bots to follow the face it also detects emotions such as joy anger surprise and sorrow so the bot can move toward smiling faces or avoid anger or surprise face one of the very interesting features of cloud vision API is the entity detection that means it detects any objects you like see how it works it’s glasses you see cloud visions let’s developers to take advantage of Google’s latest machine learning technologies quite easily please go to cloud google.com slash vision to learn more

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  1. Wow, the Japan office is doing GCP promotional material now, this is cool.

    I loved the Google 日本語入力パタパタバージョン videos; they were hilarious.

  2. Роман Ромин

    Такого робота GoPiGo на Raspberry Pi масштабируем до размеров R2D2, но бачок делаем с прозрачными стенками. В бачке 6 отсеков: для пластика, бумаги, стекла, металла, перегноя, нераспознанного. Ездит, распознает мусор, закидывает в отсек и компактифицирует: стекло бьет, пластик сжимает. По мере наполнения отвозит мусор к большим контейнерам и высыпает.

  3. Роман Ромин

    This GoPiGo robot on Raspberry Pi to scale to the size of R2D2, with transparent walls tank. The tank 6 compartments: for plastic, paper, glass, metal, compost, unrecognized. Rides, detects trash fills up the compartment and compactifies: glass beats, plastics compresses. Robot takes out the garbage to large containers and empties.

  4. The robot at 1:11 seem to have a sample from Kraftwerk Home Computer from the album Computer Love. Perhaps not a sample directly but it sounds very similar.

  5. Yea the girls IS cute, but… Holy sh*t this is insane. Google even open-sourced a machine learning API called TensorFlow. It's so much fun growing up with technology growing at such a rate.

  6. Love the idea. When will this be available for the general public but? At the moment it appears that this API is only available for businesses

  7. Daniel Peña Cueva

    I have an investigation project of University for the course of Artificial intelligence.
    I will think to do a demo with Cloud Vision, but I need about the algorithms that used it. I have searched but can not find much detail. Please, if someone could tell me that algorithms used it. Thanks.

  8. The Girls left side of her Eyes Doesn't have same direction…
    Like Have reading or focusing on something for very long time and can't coming back to right position

  9. Great vid GCP. Easily approachable by people of all ages, its color, content, and language use make the Cloud API sound fun. I like the data speech cloud displaying the calculated output.

  10. Where I can get information about using cloud vision api with Arduino or raspberry, like Bot samples like yours in this video?

  11. I have a cheap Arduino 2-wheel car kit, a Raspberry PI 3,camera module and motor drivers. Would it be possible to run these examples using what I have or do I need the original Gopigo kit(which is very expensive)?

  12. This video "is money!". Excellent demonstration! Fun to watch! Thanks for teaching me about Cloud Vision API! Now it's time to hit up Yufeng's video to learn about the AutoML Vision, "AutoML Vision – AI Adventures". This video gets a huge <thumbs up> for sure! 👍

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