What is Python and Why You Must Learn It in [2019]

What is Python and Why You Must Learn It in [2019]

In this video, I’m going to answer the top 3 questions my students ask me about Python. What is Python? What can you do with it? And why is it so popular? In other words, what does it do that other programming languages don’t? Python is the world’s fastest growing and most popular programming language, not just amongst software engineers, but also amongst mathematicians, data analysts, scientists, accountants, networking engineers, and even kids! Because it’s a very beginner friendly programming language. So people from different disciplines use Python for a variety of different tasks, such as data analysis and visualization, artificial intelligence and machine learning, automation in fact this is one of the big uses of Python amongst people who are not software developers. If you constantly have to do boring, repetitive tasks, such as copying files and folders around, renaming them, uploading them to a server, you can easily write a Python script to automate all that and save your time. And that’s just one example, if you continuously have to work with excel spreadsheets, PDF’s, CS View files, download websites and parse them, you can automate all that stuff with Python. So you don’t have to be a software developer to use Python. You could be an accountant, a mathematician, or a scientist, and use Python to make your life easier. You can also use Python to build web, mobile and desktop applications as well as software testing or even hacking. So Python is a multi purpose language. Now if you have some programming experience you may say, “But Mosh we can do all this stuff with other programming languages, so what’s the big deal about Python?” Here are a few reasons. With Python you can solve complex problems in less time with fewer lines of code. Here’s an example. Let’s say we want to extract the first three letters of the text Hello World. This is the code we have to write in C# this is how we do it in JavaScript and here’s how we do it in Python. See how short and clean the language is? And that’s just the beginning. Python makes a lot of trivial things really easy with a simple yet powerful syntax. Here are a few other reasons Python is so popular. It’s a high level language so you don’t have to worry about complex tasks such as memory management, like you do in C++. It’s cross platform which means you can build and run Python applications on Windows, Mac, and Linux. It has a huge community so whenever you get stuck, there is someone out there to help. It has a large ecosystem of libraries, frameworks and tools which means whatever you wanna do it is likely that someone else has done it before because Python has been around for over 20 years. So in a nutshell, Python is a multi-purpose language with a simple, clean, and beginner-friendly syntax. All of that means Python is awesome. Technically everything you do with Python you can do with other programming languages, but Python’s simplicity and elegance has made it grow way more than other programming languages. That’s why it’s the number onne language employers are looking for. So whether you’re a programmer or an absolute beginner, learning Python opens up lots of job opportunities to you. In fact, the average Python developer earns a whopping 116,000 dollars a year. If you found this video helpful, please support my hard work by liking and sharing it with others. Also, be sure to subscribe to my channel, because I have a couple of awesome Python tutorials for you, you’re going to see them on the screen now. Here’s my Python tutorial for beginners, it’s a great starting point if you have limited or no programming experience. On the other hand, if you do have some programming experience and want to quickly get up to speed with Python, I have another tutorial just for you. I’m not going to waste your time telling you what a variable or a function is. I will talk to you like a programmer. There’s never been a better time to master Python programming, so click on the tutorial that is right for you and get started. Thank you for watching!

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  1. $115,835 a year, on average? Like srsly, what's the catch? Or is it just the select few you get to land such a job? What's the median? What's the Gaussian distribution? Can I solve that in Python? Huh???

  2. First of all, acording to Hired.com, in 2018 globaly the most in demand languages were: Go, Scala, Ruby, TypeScript, Kotlin, JavaScript, PHP, Java, HTML, Swift, and at 11th place: Python.

    Second of all, you make tutorials Don't you recomend in your tutorials to give full names to your variables and methods? Like speed instead of s? For better readability? Exactly. Less words doesn't mean the language is better. Quite the opposite in fact. Besides, with intellisense typing is super fast anyway.Then there's the fact that this python notation looks very similar to a 2D array.

  3. It’s really helpful!!!!hhhhhh let me know about what is it. And let more want to learn it. And i also want to earn like 110k a year tor more hhhh

  4. should I try picking up Python courses as a start if my knowledge in coding&programming equals to zero? or shall I try another language to begin?

  5. Hi, could you advise me to learn python as i am not in programming side, i have been working on financial data management. Have some knowledge of SQL (beginner level). Upto what level I should learn Python, ? I do see my kind of jobs do require python… i am also learning sales force so does it go with python. Please advise.

  6. Python is a great language because It is both a good beginner language, easy to read and debug in general and also very powerful having many great high potential uses. Python is used in all sorts of things things like teaching programming, web development, game development(PyGame and Godot Engine are 2 great examples), AI (Tensorflow is the biggest AI framework and it is a Python library. Tensorflow is used to program self driving cars and other AI based machines and devices), general machine control and science applications (including control scripts for Large Hadron Collider). Python is for sure an easy to learn/use powerful universal language! And its a fav of mine too

  7. Hi Mosh, thank you for sharing this video. This really excites me to learn more about Python. Quick question. I am a non-technical person with no maths or science background but I find coding or programming very interesting. Can I still learn it?

  8. 2:06 In your example the python line is the less explanatory and gives the less clues of what it does, few less characters is not advantage, it's actually the problem in big messy code, so your first argument is faulty, let's see the next….
    2:35 only the last 2 sound legit , if they are true, yet nothing special, there are huge communities and libraries for many other languages… so why it is popular? let's see

    so your conclusion: because is awesome…
    my conclusion: because just another hipe

  9. you updated it 2019. You make me subscribe 👍
    the reason that I watch this is bc I want to become a future network engineer. Hoping that I will learn from you about python 😁

  10. I'm new to the dev world and I'm curious, are these salaries real? Are they exaggerated because of silicon valley and other expensive places?

  11. What are the downsides to python? I mean there must be a reason that javascript, C#, etc exists. Not hating just curious because I have never used python before.

  12. Question = "can you make small simple games with python?"
    If question = True
    print("yes, and explain what types of games please"
    print("no, and explain what languages are the best for creatimg games for a new programmer:)")

  13. Question. Im doing codecademy, tried java and to be honest i got stuck because seems so hard. I am a gamer and i don't mind doing apps or games. Which to be honest thats awesome. Should I keep trying java (only done 30hrs of java) or go to python?

  14. Typically american commercial… everything is perfect, why don't you put some cons in here to make it believable. Honestly for me there is no reason to use python as a web developer instead of JavaScript or c#. One downside of python, even if there are transpilers and interpreters and you can make a personal website, for complex professional web applications you can't actually compete with any of Angular, React or Vue on the front-end. Other downsides: weak for mobile development, very slow, high memory consumption, and being a very high programming language you can't make any consistent optimization for your application. In a nutshell it is perfect for no developers, but when you want to create a professional application most of the time you will end up choosing another language. Edit: actually it is not very good for beginners because of its simplicity you will face serious problems trying to learn afterwards other programming languages like c++, java, c#

  15. Great Video I m also learning from python book which is top rated on amazon with good rating if anybody want to learn from this group so link is below mentioned



  16. it's really new starting for me to be programming and inshallah ill do it because her in my country unfortunately the war decrease the educational process Determination in the programmatic and technological field

  17. Good afternoon, Very interesting videos about python. I'm currently working on a presentation of python for my computer science class. I want to make videos like this or dynamic slides like this. Need help please.

  18. Write a function called printStars. The function receives a parameter containing an integer value. If the parameter is positive, the function prints (to standard output) the given number of asterisks. Otherwise the function does nothing. The function does not return a value. Thus, if printStars(8) is called, ****** (8 asterisks) will be printed. The function must not use a loop of any kind (for, while, do-while) to accomplish its job. Instead, it should examine its parameter, returning if the parameters value is not positive. If the parameter is positive, it:

    prints a single asterisk (and no other characters)

    then crecursively calls itself to print the remaining asterisks

    This is what i have so far:

    def main():
    def printStars(times):
    if times > 0:
    printStars(times – 1)

    What am i doing wrong?

  19. Hey mosh I am taking python as career subject in my school (I live in India ) is python good to choose as an subject to study ? Plzz reply soon. Is it possible to get job ?

  20. I am a front-end developer.. is it difficult to me learn python? and I am confusing state which course will help me to grow career. I can choose any javascript framework?or backend technology?
    Can you please anyone suggest me please..

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