What is RaiBlocks and is it replacing Bitcoin? Programmer explains.

What is RaiBlocks and is it replacing Bitcoin? Programmer explains.

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  1. ivan im sorry but in IOTA there is also attach to tangle which takes a computer cpu power and still
    there was a spam attack , can you answer how it's different on raiblocks
    and i love your videos.

  2. Isn't the same way transactions done in US eg BoA? That both sender and receiver have to generate a ticket/block sort of. Though, in Raiblocks, it would be decentralized. Insiktsfullt…bra jobbat!

  3. Price and performance wise, Bitcoin can't stick around. Miners seem to own the deciding vote and will always push for a more 'profitable' mining outcome – which means more congestion and high fees. Raiblocks, IOTA and similar platforms are the only real long term solution. Segwit is really just a bandaid in my opinion. Good systems are built from the ground up to optimise efficiency. My only concern is if there is no fee, how is the platform funded?

  4. Thanks Ivan to make me discover this technology (railblock underlying one) ! I have been following you for a long time. Nice content.

  5. I was not going to watch this, but am glad I did. Does the best technology always win? And the answer is no. Interesting. The many coins are increasingly appearing to display different functions/characteristics. A sorting may take place, or I should say, a sorting of coins is taking place and will continue to in my opinion. 

     An analogy: By way of 2 questions, number 1 being – Which type of axe do you use to cut a small tree trunk section of wood in quarters? Number 2 – Which axe do you use to split one of the quarters into 3 pieces of wood?

     Answers. 1. A blocksplitter. 2. An ordinary, smaller, axe. (This does not necessarily apply to Raiblocks). I just wanted to pose these questions as it may become of use when thinking about crypto currency. No this is not a joke, and don't try this at home, or at least, not in the home. Wear boots and gloves.

  6. There are many videos that attempt to explain raiblocks and this is the most succinct and informative among them! Thank you!

  7. My understanding is that once bitcoin adopts the lighting network it will have many of these same advantages through off network payments.

  8. If the client can pre-calculate the transaction why can't the spammers also do this? and take down the network? I'm not sure just trying to get a better understanding.

  9. Speed is very important for any cryptocurrency that is to be used to replace FIAT. So as long as Raiblocks is open source and the security holds up, I feel it can over take Bitcoin. Bitcoin is so slow and the fees are getting out of hand. By comparison a USA bank charges less in fees per transaction. I do not get charged every time I move my money in and out of the bank or move to difference accounts. You can not say the same about Bitcoin or many other cryptocurrencies. The ideological concept of Bitcoin in my opinion isn't working in practice.

  10. Nebulas (NAS) – brutal team, CEO is the founder of NEO (Hitters Xu), enormous use case (like Google for all blockchains combined), low market cap, low circulating supply (35 million) – this thing is ready to skyrocket. It's under the radar cause the market cap is not shown correctly on CMC, this thing is so damn undervalued. LOOK IT UP!!

  11. How does this compare to the tangle and other 3rd gen coin technologies? Is this really like the absolute best solution to scale up?

  12. I don’t know about all of you, but I heavily invested in RaiBlocks, and we will see soon what will happen with it 🙂

  13. Ivan, congratulations for 100k subs!! You are an amazing guy and very knowledgable. Excellent explanation on Raiblocks, thank you. Love from South Africa!

  14. OMG your class is probably the best class right now. You by far give solid explanations about crypto. Been following for you over a year now. Every video is on point!!

  15. What a great question. "is windows the best operating system of all time, just because of it's users?" Currency is just a symbolism of value. Software vs software at the end of the day.

  16. this guy is a genius…..a proper computer whizz…but also well grounded in reality and sentimentality about cryptos..which are key.

  17. Check out FLASH, it can handle 25.000+ transactions per sec, and it even has real life use age, its dPoW too and the circulating/max supply is 900m – its pre-mined .
    I wonder what you think about this coin.

  18. RAI Blocks and ENG are probably the only alts that are safe bets. The rest I would not throw a penny at except maybe to Monero. ETH and BIT are the corner stones…

  19. Is there a DAG coin out there that doesn't use "witnesses"? The one's I've looked at all need human intervention to make sure the transactions attach to the "right" place on the chain. That blows one of the most important aspects of crypto: trustlessness. Also, since the chains build asynchronously, these currencies seem more vulnerable to double-spend attacks.

  20. I don't see anything really taking over bitcoin, I see it as a country where all these other coins are currencies. A lot of people like comparing Raiblocks also to Iota due to free transactions, I think both coins are great and none of them are here to particularly take over the other coin, I believe these coins can live side by side and there is nothing wrong with merchants accepting both currencies or more. I see alot of Verge investors hoping over to DeepOnion for a quick buck on the airdrop, but reality is deep onion has continuously building their product by upgrading and constantly not only updating the community but also active on social media. It has everything needed to be a top 3 private coin in 2018.

  21. I'll be signing up for your academy on payday not really that much into crypto….yet but it is an amazing revolution and I would love to get some insight on the inner workings.

  22. Hello Ivan, In my opinion, if you as an expert , as you seems to be, recommends RaiBlocks, then I will follow your advice and follow RaiBlocks. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

  23. No incentive to run full nodes/miners = obvious attack possibility, both in terms of vote hijacking & spam. These coins are pumping simply because no one is describing their monumental and obvious flaws.

  24. I was going to say slowwwww the fk down at the start of the video, but fkkkk after 28seconds you really need to speed the fk up!

  25. I just wait for u to take over the world love… We should be so lucky you seem so methodical and cognizant on your technology love love love u.

  26. Few questions.

    Where do Raiblocks come from if there is no mining?

    If every account has its own blockchain then how does an account not connected to processing power mine it's own transactions? Where does this work happen?

  27. Hey Ivan, I translated your whole video on portuguese. If you enable the community to subtitle your videos I can make the pt-br version.

  28. CP FallingPixel Bentley

    I came here to understand how Raiblocks work. Good intro but you didn't explain how are transactions made visible between accounts? Is there some routing or common ledger? Do you we have to synch the blockchain? What about the decentralization properties of Raiblocks?

  29. I am sure another coin will rise up to be the day to day cryptocurrency for the mankind but I can't exactly say Raiblocks is the one, as you've stressed it has a long way to go, many function tests to be done, hacking attacks etc. But the philosophy behind the project is something really amazing as bitcoin is too power intensive today and the PoW maybe a big problem in the near future for btc maybe right before 2021.

  30. The BEST technology may not always win but it seems unlikely the WORST technology will win. Bitcoin, with it's Rube Goldberg mining scheme looks like the worst to me.

  31. I have a question: if I created the last block of my personal blockchain which is connected to your last block of your personal blockchain and I will edit my last block than I can sai that your last block is wrong an not mine.

  32. Ich werde mit dieser Technologie ein faires gerechtes neues Geldsystem für die gesamte Menschheit erschaffen!

    Es grüßt Euch


  33. I certainly think that BTC as a currency for micro payments or day to day currency is not sustainable. Someone will take that spot for sure IMO. I think that BTC will always be a store of value though, just like gold or silver are. And does the best tech always win? No not really. But the time we live in now everyone can review and test certain products and techs on a high level and put it out there for thousands of people and investors to read and consider. I definately think that it's become way easier for the "best tech" to succeed. Back in the days it was more about having contact to big business men and establishing a brand, where as now those things can result out of having the best technology and doing the most work in my eyes. But hey, only time will tell. Maybe you were right 😀 Anyways RaiBlocks/NANO is definately something to keep your eyes on and possibly invest in for a high risk reward play.

  34. I believe it is "the best" crypto out there. It is more than capable of what bitcoin aims to do but failed so far. XRB can easily be a worldwide currency since it's infinitely scalable and can also be a store os value without the energy and resource consumption of bitcoin. As much as I love bitcoin, I have nothing else to do but realise the technology of 3rd gen crypto kick in here. They say that the last 10 coins of BTC will require the energy of the whole sun to mine the blocks. The viability of that is for sure uncertain whereas in NANO aka RaiBlocks the future is clear and visible to see.

  35. It is simple economics that will drive non pow cryptos to be more successful at some point. Thanks for the explanation.
    Once proven the very low cost of running the network of cryptos like Rai Blocks will win over pow currencies like Bitcoin that costs literally billions of $ to run annually. The price of btc goes up so does the cost of running the network(linear relationship). All of this $ goes to the miners who I would think have no choice but to put them on the market immediately. The centralized miners have a business going and are not speculating. It is not like the old days when mining btc was basically free. It literally costs millions of dollars to get slightly more millions of dollars back mining.
    It is not the inflation that will kill the price of btc but the fact that the new coins will be mostly sold immediately. With POS this may not be the case. It is basically free to "mine" with POS.
    Rai blocks(Nano) is even better because has no inflation, right? If it proves itself after some serious battle hardening this is a serious contender for the prize of #1 crypto store of value. Still very early of course.

  36. Ivan, I don't know why you're claiming that XRB's has superior technology to BTC. In what way is the lattice superior? The fact that this coin is not fungible due to the voting process through the delegated proof-of-stake is awfully bizarre for it to be classed as being superior to BTC. What happened to trustless verification? Please explain your comment.

  37. Hi Ivan. I am a new subscriber and REALLY enjoy your views, especially since you go way deeper into the technologies from a developers perspective,I get a lot more data about how the specific crypto works. Also, you are very clear and concise in your presentations. Excellent man! Thank you for your info. Will keep an eye on your channel! Best regards, Christo

  38. I'd really like you to do a GitHub on Nano… I like the idea.. but the entire thing has been built by 1 guy. Where is the code?

  39. had to laugh today. Once Raiblocks got the issue sorted out with the two exchanges, people started panic selling. I made a tweet when the value was down to $16 saying it was the time to hold and buy. TEN MINUTES LATER the value was $26. (same name on Twitter – you can check). It WILL be going onto Binance after winning the vote (which finishes in two days) and it's still massively undervalued. Too many people bought this as a short term gain, the real winners will be the HODLers, like Datadash, yourself, myself and Co. Consider that Qtum sees 10x the volume on daily trading than Raiblocks does at the moment… just consider what the impact will be for Raiblocks once it reaches the Binance platform. Now is the time gentlemen.

  40. I think you made a very 9ood point when you concluded: all other chryptos still need to show if they can handle being beaten as much as Biteoin has been for over 9 years and not only survive, but get even stronger. And yes, Linux is way superior to Windows. The best technology is not always the most popular.. Maybe you can make another video on Raiblocks and 90 even more technical.

  41. The anti-double-spending system doesn't sound like it would be effective as explained here, so what am I missing here? (video at 8:20) If I try to double spend by buying a muffin from person 1 and a few minutes later buy a donut from person 2 using the same coin by pretending transaction 1 never happened, then that will create a fork, so when everything goes to the universally shared ledger everyone votes and only 1 of those transactions actually happens. I just ripped off either the muffin guy, or the donut guy. Mission of evil accomplished either way. So, how is that kind of situation prevented? (Have posted this exact question elsewhere, I'm on a hunt for an answer)

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