What is the Easiest Programming Language to Learn?

What is the Easiest Programming Language to Learn?

What is the easiest programming language to
learn? They used to consider HTML the easiest programming
language to learn, since you could learn the basics in an afternoon. I do not consider that a programming language.
Yes, you can make webpages, but it is not enough in and of itself to list on a resume
and be taken seriously. So learn JavaScript. It is an object oriented
programming language, and it is used to create web apps. How hard is that to learn? Khan Academy is a website intended to teach
kindergarten through twelfth grade math, science and other subjects. If they can teach Common
Core math to fourth graders, I think you can figure out their JavaScript modules. Assuming what it teaches is actually more
than a vocabulary lesson. Khan Academy teaches the basics of HTML and
JavaScript up to the point you’re doing animation and making little 2D games. That’s more advanced than I thought. Java is recommended as one of the first programming
languages for beginners, though it is hard to learn. Then why learn it? Aside from the job security of fixing its
security holes and making anything from web apps to server side applications? You have
to think like a programmer, and short of C++, everything else is easier. If I wanted to learn to think like a programmer,
I’d have learned Haskell or Lisp. Ruby is famous for being easy to learn, and
you can list a programming language used to build famous websites like Twitter with it. Until they moved off Ruby to Java or JSP. Ruby has a twenty minute introduction and
you could be coding interactive websites in a weekend. That explains a lot of websites I’ve seen. Python is easy to learn, too. It is widely
used, very well documented and supported by nearly every online coding academy you’d
want to sit in on. As long as I’m sitting at my desk. Code Kata and Code Combat both have online
lessons and challenges to teach you JavaScript and Python commands quickly and make it fun. Code Combat also teaches you CoffeeScript
and Lua, and I’ve heard those are easy. CoffeeScript is shorthand for JavaScript,
so just learn JS. Lua is cute for saying I made an online game and it is not in JavaScript,
though only the programmers can tell the difference. So JavaScript, Python and Ruby are your top
choices for being easy to learn. You could try Swift too, the Apple replacement
for Objective C. I’m not a member of the Apple cult.

18 thoughts on “What is the Easiest Programming Language to Learn?”

  1. actually, Lua is considered the fastest scripting language.

    There are other languages too, such as D which would fit the bill quite nicely.

  2. the easiest one is Lua also it is actualy very good for people to make programs on dos'es that uses a lua bios. Also you can start and learn now! Who said this besides me then hes very smart and also he knows the basics of a programming language like Benrob0329. The other programming languages like java are easy! You can make a minecraft game in java! Like notch started! But for today microsoft owns minecraft.

    – Java/Logicality/DustByte

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