Why most programmers are broke

Why most programmers are broke

– Hey you, what is up? In this video, I want to share something very amazing with you. I also thought it was really funny, it was actually a
comment that first I read it and it got me a little tilted. Then I read it more, and
then it just started making me laugh, and this video is really gonna be about why having patience will kill you and your dreams and leave
you in a life of mediocrity at times, and will might
even kill your programming career or the very best,
take you a very long time to actually even have one career, alright? So, okay so without any further ado, let’s jump right into it. So, this is the comment, okay
I’m gonna read it to you. So this guy, his name is Tanner Barcelos, he commented on my recent video called How Long Does It Take To
Be A Software Developer? And basically, oh and by the way before I continue, this is
day 10 of my video challenge where I’m doing one video a day, so if you want to follow
me on this challenge and instead of you doing
a video like I’m doing, you can make yourself disciplined and structured to do coding. Lots of people are following along, I’ll put some of those people up here, and they’re talking to me on Instagram. So if you want to follow
me on this channel and keep yourself accountable as well, follow me on cleverqazi, my Instagram, and then you can tag me in your stories and I’ll give you a shout-out. Okay, so here is how the comment goes. The comment by Tanner
Barcelos on that video goes, it’ll take a day or two
to learn the fundamentals of a language syntactically. YouTube tutorials like
thenewboston, Coding Dojo, etc. But it takes years, a
whole career to master. There’s no way you build a 10,000 line C++ program and sell it for
$50 million tomorrow off of two days of learning coding. LOL, this is what makes me feel better about my current coding abilities. And then he goes, I’m in school learning, going to be starting side projects soon, and I know so much, but that so much is only a tiny percent of
the whole 99% I don’t know in C++ for this class’s case. Make me write a Hello World program. Make me write a
hundred-line calculator app. I’ll do it, but make me
write a 500-line program using searching and sorting algorithms. Nah, haven’t taken those courses yet, I can’t do it and that’s the beauty, learning through time. And you know what I say to that? Fuck that bullshit, okay? That’s what’s keeping a lot of you in the exact place where you are, where you can’t get a
job, or you can’t get the results you want, or you can’t get things fast enough. That was my life for a
very, very long time. So this kind of patience is what’s keeping a lot of the people in the same place where they are for a very long time, especially when it comes to programming, especially when it gets, comes to getting a freelance job or even
building something, these are self-imposed limitations. And the reason why they make me so angry is because that’s exactly where I used to be and where I was. I would have so many
limitations around myself. I still do, but I was able to
change a lot of things, okay? When it came to workout, I was able to get results pretty fast
’cause I didn’t believe in that realistic patience
mindset after a certain point. Same thing when it came to coding, same thing when it came to boxing, chess, whatever have you. So, this person I truly understand where he is coming from. He’s trying to appreciate
the power of patience. He’s in it for the long
haul, and that’s great. But to say make me write a
hundred-line program, I’ll do it. Make me write a 500-line program, no. I gotta take courses for that, okay? What he’s doing, he’s being
a little bitch, alright? Sometimes I’ll get in your face like this, so if you can’t watch it, just quit out of the video and watch somebody else’s fake bullshit video, okay? But I’m gonna get very real
with you here on this channel. If you have that
attitude, you’re not gonna be able to do anything in life, ’cause you’re gonna be
waiting for a handout. These are the same people who try to get, who wait for a
handout for the world to come to them to give them a chance. Why can’t you write a 500-line program? This is the same reason
why it’s really difficult for people to do anything, okay? So if you put this limitation on yourself that you’ve gotta be certain good or you have to have a certain amount of courses to write a 500-line program, you’re never gonna be able to write a 500-line program, okay? For example, even I don’t know
so many sorting algorithms. Dude, I used to learn
this shit in college. I don’t remember any of
these sorting algorithms. I don’t know any data science or machine learning algorithms, but you know what I do know? I know that somebody else
out there knows the answer. So if I’m building a project
and I’m building something and it needs a sorting
algorithm, guess what? I’ll stack overflow it, I’ll Google it, I’ll look for the answer,
I’ll ask for the answer. When I need to learn a sorting algorithm, I’ll go learn that
specific sorting algorithm, come back, and apply it into my program. But to wait to learn this
stuff before you ever start anything, that’s what’ll keep you from creating any projects,
that’s what’ll keep you from having stuff on your resume. That’s what will keep you from applying to a job ’cause you’re waiting for something to get you ready. You are waiting for a college course to give you a certification. You’re waiting to get a degree, a piece of paper so
you can apply somewhere and make a name for yourself. It’s all bullshit man,
it’s all bullshit, okay? I didn’t know anything, I was a nobody, I didn’t wait, I just
started making videos. I started documenting my own journey. Look at my older videos,
I didn’t even know how to fucking make a video that fits on a normal screen on YouTube. I made videos that fit
half-assed cropped screen. Me explaining things and
the stupidest concepts. Me explaining the easiest stuff, and that landed me
freelancing opportunities, job opportunities,
clients will pay me 100, $150 an hour, okay? And then the worst part,
this guy’s comment, right? Tanner’s comment got six thumbs up, so there is six other
people who are thumbsing up that self-imposed limitation like what the actual fuck, right? Why are you putting so many
limitations on yourself? Why are you fighting and voting up for self-imposed limitations? Why are people encouraging that, okay? It’s the same way where when somebody is overweight, it’s okay to love yourself and love your body, okay? But if you have a
disease, you have obesity, do not encourage that, right? You don’t want to encourage somebody else to have that lifestyle. One of the biggest diseases and problems in the United States of
America is obesity, okay? So why would you encourage
that to somebody, okay? You want them to feel a
little bit of pressure to change, to be impatient
and get the results faster. That same person can be fired up so much that in one year, they
can lose 200 pounds, or that same person can take
10 years to lose 100 pounds or 10 pounds, okay? You don’t want to be that person, right? Most people in the world, in life, and in coding are those people. They’re, we’ll just patiently learn, we’ll just patiently build projects, and we’ll just let the college teach us or let some kind of job
opportunity come to us or teach us. That’s it for my rant,
I hope this inspires you to get off your ass, stop waiting for some kind of course, start doing shit and as you need to learn it, you go out. Dude, if you need to
do a sorting algorithm, hit up software developers on LinkedIn and be, yo, this is my thing
I’m working on, help me, okay? I’m willing to learn, help me. If you reach out to
people with that passion and fire, I promise you there’s gonna be some unbelievable developer who will be, you know what? I’ll teach you man, or
teach you girl or a woman. Or you have two kids, full-time job, you’re busy, I’ll teach
you for half an hour or an hour, it inspires me. But if you’re gonna put
self-imposed limitations, then six other fucking
people are gonna come in, thumbs up that shit,
pose more self-limitations. You’re not gonna get very far in your career and in your life. So, that’s my message for today. What my mission is is
that I hope that you see this and you go okay, I’m
gonna change something and you start following
me on that, the challenge I’m doing for the next 20 days, I’m gonna be making 20 more videos, probably even more than 20 videos, okay? But follow me on that journey. You can do coding for
20 days or more days. Start a 30-day coding challenge, okay? Follow me on Instagram
so you can see behind the screens what I’m doing. Tag me, go #30DayChallenge. #cleverqazi, okay? I will put that up for you so
I can hold you accountable. Whatever it is for you
okay, you don’t have to follow me on Instagram, you don’t have to do any of that, but I’m saying, get off your ass, put in the work, don’t have self-limitations,
please you have a lot more potential than you think, okay? And thank you for being on this channel listening to my rant. Please comment and let
me know what you think about this, okay? Where is your head at with this, put it in the comments below. I’m very active nowadays so I’ll come in, I’ll answer almost
everybody’s comment, and other than that, all I want to say is thank you so freaking much for being on this channel, I love your face. And as always, I’ll see
you in the next video. (offbeat music)

100 thoughts on “Why most programmers are broke”

  1. Started programming about 3month ago… why? i was interested so i just started. I've read now 700 pages of python books covering maybe less than 5% of the whole python topic. Did i wrote scripts >500 lines? sure… why not? if i can't solve something like a sort algorithm i try to search for the math behind and try it as long i can improve the algorithm to a certain point where i get to the border of my aviable knowledge. If i'm still not happy i try to google for a solution and if this solution is way above my knowledge i pause the development of the script and continue reading the book until my knowledge increased enough to give this problem an other try. But give up…? nah… not even thinking about this… I've done many scripts now which where ahead of the book just by try/error and the need of "i want to do it now!". Some scripts i wrote 4 or 5 times. Each time including the new learned knowledge to improve a algorithm or what ever.

    Same with getting into linux… i was interested so i just tried it. Yeah i managed to kill my first few installations by typing sudo commands which i shouldn't have done… but whatever. Reinstalled it and tried it again. Today i run my own linux servers.

  2. An individual who learns a programming language with no real purpose because such was imposed by school requirements is wasting their time and effort.

    A non programmer who says I have an idea which seems realistic and doable but does NOT know how to program has a better chance on doing something useful. In current times nearly anyone with enough time can learn to program.

    Being stable enough to dedicate enough time to program is VERY important and many need to spend their time on a 9-5 job, family… Not an excuse just that certain limitations are real, it is when those limitations are not understood but ignored and wasting time becomes an issue that some views on the subject are valid. Staying in a negative situation and not understanding what is keeping you back is an issue as it prevents you from moving forward.

    A programmer can either be a employee, contractor, or self employed. If being employable is the only goal of a programmer then such can be easier to learn then those trying to be self employed… Being practical and saying I do NOT know is JUST as important than saying hell yea I know that! … When you hear people say I need many courses to do this and that, well before the Internet (last 10 – 12 years) it was common for specialized knowledge to be a continuing education issue, NOT the common day YOUTUBE IT mentality which 15 year old can get their hands on nearly any issue with experts providing instructional methods.

    A stable person can afford to advance their knowledge and develop themselves… Perhaps that issue of stability should be mentioned. Same idea when it comes to young adults who need to work and get their GED or grade 12… Need to be stable, most people have jobs they have to be at along with other responsibilities…

    There are a lot of self help books which a GREAT many people can cite words from, but who have never put themselves out there… So fail and fail some more, when you are done failing do it again… you will never stop! << NOT A NEGATIVE THING… If you say what exactly am I getting out of failing… You can get a better image of a subject or issue by being receptive and formulating what perspective you are using can give deeper insights. The way of thinking is adaptive but doing is doing… The format of doing is useful like self help books but individuals expressing doing by actually doing will see an output somewhere down the line.

    Later, 🙂

  3. You're absolutely right! That's what I do and I needed this affirmation to continue along that path! Peace, man!

  4. Romeo Mcanroe Mofokeng

    You've exposed my self imposed limitations. Thank you. I'm guilty of this bs! I can't thank you enough. Much love from somewhere in SA

  5. I don't put limitations on myself but I do get something else from this video. I do not push myself enough. I would get comfortable, sit there for a long time, then think "oh, I should learn something new". I put in the time and effort but then I get comfortable and I sit there for way too long. I recently started working out and one of the first things I've learned is that if I am not sore the next day, I am most likely not pushing my limits. Same with programming, if I am not doing something that mentally exhausts me, and makes me have to look something up and learn something new. Then I am not pushing my limits enough.

  6. Damn.. I can relate somehow, I quit my first job since I felt that there's no growth happening and I decided to learn more stuff but also trying to create mini projects. I set limitations that I have to learn this or that before applying to another job. Then I realized I really needed money, so now I tried applying for a job. But this video really makes so much sense, you can never know everything you have to know for a job so those limitations I set are bullshit. I should start applying for a job and learn the things that I needed when I encounter them. Also yes, "Seek Discomfort" it is, try making something that you have no idea on making and you'll learn a lot of stuff. I should also do that. Thank you for this video.

  7. If you need to push yourself to learn how to code then you will never know more than the very basics. You have to enjoy programming to get good at it. Otherwise it will just become too difficult really fast and you will give up. You could know everything in a programming language but still not know how to make a simple program, you have to learn by doing. By the way, algorithms are one of the most fun things ever. You can stumble upon some on your own and create really cool geometrical images from just a few equations.

  8. tldr; He offers a false choice.

    He has a low EQ.
    He would benefit from being "clever" enough to watch his own video and arguing against it.
    He would also benefit from studying different personality types and behavior patterns. (MBTI / 5 factor / DISC).
    Anyway, I know a TON of great programmers who have "slower paced" personalities . . . .
    . .. and they are they ones we have to thank for MOST of the lines of code that we rely on in our daily lives.
    The extroverted / innovative types (like myself) are bold risk takers ( like him) .. . . but we still need the detail oriented programmers.

  9. So true! In college I had made VBA code that was multiple Powerpoints to present it. Luckily, I found a group of students that were impressed and we worked on the code together

  10. oh i cant do it its too hard
    i dont know it yet
    these thoughts have destroyed me and kept me from achieving any thing in life

  11. Programming is overrated. My nephew never had a job and has no social skills. Yet he thinks he can get by with coding in his little machine all day long. Once he’s done with school, he’s on his own. He’s in for a rude awakening once he codes on the streets.

  12. You are just like me, well I’m just like you. I started programming in 2017 when I was 14, after a week I created a full nice software, 3 months later I released the second one. With 15, I created an advance pos for a store in c# like vend which I gained more than 350$ already. Now I almost finish my own social network like ASKfm.
    In two years, i used more than 10 programming languages with frameworks on projects without spending a month learning them.
    I learned something: Just do it and don’t spend your time learning or waiting
    Happy coding.

  13. True, true. I actually started learning programming by doing, even when I didn't know, just googled stuff and continued.

    I wasted the longest time looking for tutorials and hanging out in forums and places like freeCodeCamp (Which are great) where there are SO MANY people with that kind of mindset, that think they can't start something unless they're 100%.

    Today I have a job as a software developer and learn by myself by reading documentation, stackoverflow, medium posts, anything really, there's no such thing as a single source of truth, there are many, and you have to search for them.

    Don't be afraid to make errors, that's what programming is, is making errors everytime, everyday, and learning from those errors to be better.

  14. I was in total agreement with you until you got to the Stackoverflow part. Don't figure out problems for yourself, someone else can do it for you. Seriously?!?

  15. This video me the wake up call I needed, thank you. I have been making excuses for myself to not push for a more senior role. "I haven't done this before". You learn how to do things in programming by actually doing it and tackling the problem straight on. Same goes with my career, I'm not going to get to where I want to be if I stay at the same job for a few more months.

  16. Here here this is why I am a lead engineer because I don't wait to learn I just do it an learn as I go if needed

  17. Aleksandar Filipovic

    I'll apply for a coding degree start of next month (I'm 32). You just inspired me that I will simultaneously do a youtube channel on my full-stack journey. Thank you dude.

  18. Dorian Dodo Boršo

    A few years ago I got a job in a programming company with next to zero programming experience unless you count in rudimentary knowledge of jQuery. In less than two months I built, tested and shipped complex form application writen in C# and ported to Android. No courses, no school, it was me and a C# book. There are no excuses!

  19. what I like about coding is that you can build anything at day one of learning code, only having experience in coding speeds things up

  20. Simple. Because brown people don't know how to create civilization. Then they have to flee their homeland, like cowards, to come get all the jobs in america.

  21. Coding is just a language.
    And is word base is really small.
    All the rest is only combination that you need to thought about.

  22. I get it in the same way that you learned I learned but I do still think that time is the best way to get better and the aspect of making sure you do it everyday like when you first started your video you suck but it's been a certain amount of years if you doing it consistently now you're a lot better than you were time help that using everyday help. For me it's more about the consistency and diligence to make sure you do it everyday maybe I won't be able to make a 10,000 line program I'm learning and I have to do that then I'm going to do it because I know it's going to make you feel better it's like speaking a language you can't just hop into a political conversation after a week of learning

  23. Im a beginner with python and django(started learning by myself november 2018) and going to start a job as developer next week. I'm afraid as fuck, because fell so stupid with this, but I have to try. Deep water is the best practise.

  24. Soo… if I write on my resume that I’m a pro at searching for solutions on stack overflow, I’ll get paid a shit ton of money?

  25. Hungry Hippopotamus

    Now I feel bad for not knowing how to merge sort ): converting strings to lists is cooler tho so ima do that first

  26. the algorithm designer

    You should always be aware of your limitations and your lack of understanding and be prepared to accept criticism though. Because there are lots of new developers they think they have mastered everything and and in the end, they are full of crap

  27. Savant of Illusions

    500 lines of searching and sorting is easy. It takes reorganization and computational thinking skills. Coding is organizing and reorganizing computational "thoughts".

  28. This guy's speaks the truth. I didn't know how to set up a Rice Linux Setup. That didn't to stop me. Having no Wifi Drivers didn't stop me from from installing the drivers.😂 Don't wait for tomorrow. Tomorrow never comes. Why write 500 lines of code anyway? If you can't shrink it down to 100 lines you're doing it wrong anyways. Most of the good code is already written just use it.

  29. C# is one of those language that token months or years to learn, they exist in the age when company expect softwares to operate for decades, so patterns and algorithms are heavily implemented.
    It token experience programmer days to understand the logic and patterns behind, overkill for new programmer, but required to learn in those code base. You just can’t walk right in, google it and change a line of code in those project.
    Like the youtuber said,some programmer barely use any algorithm this day,in javascript,python,php,flutter,etc.But if you learn C#, you better get prepared.

  30. I live in Argentina (which always heads down, never ,in a hundred years, actually up) and…what you say, is seld depreciation and stoicism. Thats dangerous for progress. You end up saying basically "im not good enough". And perhaps you are not, but with that mentality you CERTAINLY arent (sorry for bad english)

    I saw so SO many people get a job during university (luckily is free) and get a job to mantain themselves and get too confortable with that little money and never finish. Or people not willing to emigrate out of fear ("you will be there like X ones are here…you wont be appreciated, you will be rejected, exploited and setting aside with discrimination becuase you would be a second hand citizen") or "you can do this, you are not the kind of person that can do this".
    Theres no limits on what you can do in theory, is the practice, literally what dictates what you do or you dont. Obviously that over optimism isnt healthy as it can let you down and perhaps depress you badly if you are not strong enough, but never stop trying, because others will, and you will loose up to them.
    You dont need to win them tho, if you win yoursel,f you are already ahead of the majority

  31. Fucking thank you. I fucking needed this. I have had this mindset that I have to wait to graduate college to go apply for jobs or I have to take more courses before I'm ready for an internship. I hate where I work now and I just want to start my career. I needed this video. I'mma go learn some shit and get that fucking money. Again. Thank you.

  32. Boom. On the money.

    I waited ten years of "wanting to code", quit my structural engineering job after having a heart attack at 25. Started my own business sub contracting engineering, and built my own website, learning html, css, JS, & PHP along the way. A few months later I started writing WP plug-ins, then learned to program apps in Laravel.

    Continuing the journey and the plan I had ten years earlier to program hardware like microcontrollers. Now I am building my own libraries and hardware for smart homes and should have a product to market this year. All while supporting a family and doing contracting to keep money in the bank.

    Anything is possible if you take Action and Make it happen. No uni, No graduating high school, No waiting.

  33. You know what this advice is really good I’m naturally self limiting although I am currently always trying that bit extra to improve my self. Whether I take a career in IT or change to another profession/hobby this applies 😁

  34. Andrew Williamson

    You are so right. I'm in a different field, engineering construction, and I'm a fitter machinist, rigger, Crane operator, and have many other licenses. I have so many tickets (licenses) my supervisors have said they know they can put me anywhere and this made me a very valuable person on site. But I've had so many people with just one ticket tell me how lucky i am because i get easy jobs, and when they finish their specific job they get sacked because they are no longer needed. I tell them, "get more tickets they're cheap" and usually rhey tell me they are waiting for the company to pay for their training… Years later they're still waiting..

  35. Confusing patience for procrastination in this one. The latter is essential in software engineering where 90% of your time will be spent testing/debugging/researching.

  36. Mary Dhin Dimakiling

    I was a graduate of ECE im not good in math,not good in electronic, but i'am very good in listening and im discipline in study my parent dont care about my grade because for them it is only a number it doesn't define me. But they said i have potential to be better than good. Just take time to think and focus.. So what im trying to say if you have self discipline you can do to think and focus no matter what it is..

  37. hah im the complete oposite of that person, I just jump into the programming language(im learning java so ima use that as an example) and just say "huh lets make flappy bird" not know how to use openGL in java or lwjgl. Like I jumped in and said huh my friend makes minecraft computers… what if I just jump into making a virtual machine for it

  38. I'm 37 years old, I'm from Argentina I just wanna say that I'm waking every day trying to learn something new, nodejs, reactjs, vue whatever, I'd like to be fullstack js developer, also I'm in my 5th year of college and I feel like I'm stuck in my actual job… Hope some could live doing why I love wich is programming (sorry for my English, I'm learning English to 😅)

  39. I agree with you, however you said if you need to use a sorting algorithm in your project youre just gonna go and learn it. Some people might not even know that there are things like DSA and will not even think of googling it.

  40. me and my friends are developing apps we are trying so hard one day i have spent almost $5000 trying to grow my apps and we have picked up a bit

  41. He is so 100% right. If I didn't google everything and read books, I would have not even started programming. I'm glad I did, there is no turning back for me, I love to code.

  42. Totally agree with this. I learn a lot better by solving a problem that is in front me. Honestly, if I just read a concept, a day or two later, I barely remember what that is. There's just something about directly applying what you learn that sticks it better in your head.

    Now, personally, I get antsy when there's a problem in my face. Either I block it or get rid of it fast, and sometimes, in my rush to do the latter, I tend to become really impatient and just skim through the solutions. And oftentimes, that creates more problems.

    I think, like everything else in life, there should be right balance between having patience and not having it. Applying patience on getting started == a recipe for disaster; applying patience on finding the solution to the problem in front of you, and not just deep-diving into the first one that you find — in my case — it's probably a good idea.

  43. aniruddha rawale

    Brother you are like most famous indian actress Aishwarya Rai …
    Great going 🔥🔥
    Please come in comments section 🤟

  44. You have to make programming your work, hobby, and entertainment in order to become successful as a Software Engineer. You have to spend all of your Free time coding. That's my plan.

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