Women too can be programmers | Diana Sargsyan | [email protected]

Translator: Emma Dovlatyan
Reviewer: Kristine Sargsyan I never am really satisfied that
I understand anything, because I understand it well, as I may, my comprehension can
only be an infinitesimal fraction of all I want to understand”
this is the influential quote by Ada Lovelace, the first programmer. Ada created the first algorithm
that made computer work. Well, now it’s difficult to believe
that the first programmer was a woman, had family, kids
and was even nominated as a first programmer
in the history. Surveys reveal that women
don’t choose to be programmers considering that it takes much
time and they can’t combine it with their everyday life
and family care. But let me say these reasons
aren’t justified. As programming is that profession
of IT sector that doesn’t even require
high education. You can learn everything
on the Internet, work at home with your slippers or pajamas,
live in Armenia, but work for a foreign country
or run your own company abroad. Narek Suqiasyan, who’s one of
the best programmers I’ve met is a web development workshop
leader at TUMO center, but he got higher education
as a future doctor. Over time he got interested
in web development and could become web developer and workshop leader, so
now he teaches us. At the age of six-seven I also
had some dreams about future professions as all my peers have: I dreamt to become a guitar player
and sing with Paul McCartney. But when I graduated from
the secondary school and had to make a decision for my profession,
I refused to take a risk, as I knew many people with
musical education, but with no job, so Ichose programming which
was already nteresting for me. My parents, friends, relatives
and even neighbors said that it’s not a suitable profession
for a girl and even if I got education
I wouldn’t have a job. But I could see what’s happening
in that sphere and understood that it’s nearly impossible to be
a programmer and be unemployed. And after all I was the one
who should study and work so I was the one to make a decision. Now I study programming, and
I never regretted for that decision. Recently I was attending
another workshop: Programming mind and
body by Ruben Meschyan and I discovered the connection between programming and
art, programming and sport, programming and music. And I realized that all those light shows that are so attractive on the screen
are just great works of IT workers. Today almost all the developed
and developing countries fight against inequality in this sphere. For example there is this
Pyladies company in US, they recruit women who are
interested in programming and teach them Python
programming language which is quite difficult). At the same time they develop
their knowledge and skills. After examining this ladies’ stories
I came to the conclusion that each of them wants to
become more self-confident and independent based on
her strengths and knowledge. Their slogan is «Don’t be ashamed
and keep learning». How many of you have ever said
that science has reached its top? Well, there are some of them here,
let me disappoint you. We just need to understand
that science can not reach its top unless all the resources of our
Earth are used, and women are a very huge
part of those resources. Ladies, now it’s high time to
understand that we choose our professions and not our parents and no matter how much we love them. And it’s also high time to
understand that seeing many men in a workplace we shouldn’t
say that we are going to be less important and
leave the placement. And after all, no matter if you’re
male or female if you’re interested in programming. Why not to learn programming especially if it’s the best
paid profession with the biggest demand
for the past ten years according to Forbes. I think we need to remember
the richest person on our planet Bill Gates, who is also from IT sector,
the founder of Microsoft. His wealth is seventy-six
billion dollars. To tell truth I was shocked
and had stress for three days after reading this number. Well, ladies are you going to
leave this sphere to men? Hey men! Get ready we are
going to program all that you haven’t even started
to think about.

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